Make every
data point count

Gain access to a suite of digital tools that collect, verify, and analyze ESG & Impact Data.
Real-time ESG Analysis & Reporting

Your impact data just got even more meaningful

Create a foundation built for scale

Set baselines, map to standards, and define your ESG and Impact targets. Build a data foundation tailored to your organization’s priorities.
✓ Baseline™
✓ Insights™

Drive operational efficiencies and cost reduction

Eliminate manual and time-consuming data workflows while gaining the advantage of real-time performance tracking to leverage your current teams.
✓ Baseline™
✓ Insights™

Prove your purpose using verified digital data

Partner with a third-party provider to offer independent verification of aggregated performance data sets.
✓ Insights™

Streamline investor relations

Improve relationships with stakeholders through transparent showcasing of financial impact achievements.
✓ Baseline™
✓ Insights™

Improve brand reputation through data-driven performance showcasing

Differentiate through data-driven messaging of impact performance for greater confidence in mitigating ESG risks and maximizing impact performance.
✓ Insights™

Automatically connect with your current systems

Over 200+ integrations with industry-leading tools (and counting) so that you can get the most out of the tools you already use.

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Impact that Speaks

The organizations that prioritize stakeholder values are the ones that grow and endure.

“Proof of Impact stood out as a leader in the field willing to connect data to metrics that we could utilize for risk management, storytelling, and to help our portfolio companies thrive.”

Eva Helen Yazhari
Founder & General Partner
Beyond Capital

“POI helps us understand how far we still are from achieving our goals, but also encourage the company to reach them… [POI has] helped us develop clear objectives through the dashboard and its KPIs.”

Carlos Torres

“We have the opportunity to better understand this social impact and make an even bigger difference Like everything, what gets measured is what gets done.”

Tom Dretler