Make Every Data Point Count.

Digital tools that collect, verify,
and analyze ESG & Impact Data.
Automatically connect with your current systems:

What Makes Proof of Impact Platforms Powerful

Build a scalable foundation

Define your impact goals, set baselines and targets, and align to industry standards.

Enhance operational efficiency

Eliminate manual, time consuming data workflows for real time performance management tracking.

Prove your purpose using verified digital data

Partner with a 3rd party provider to provide independent verification of aggregated performance data sets.

Streamline investor relations

Improve relationships with stakeholders through transparent showcasing of financial and impact achievements.

Improve brand reputation through data-driven performance showcasing.

Differentiate yourself through data-driven messaging of impact performance for greater confidence of mitigating ESG risks and maximizing impact performance.


“Proof of Impact stood out as a leader in the field willing to connect data to metrics that we could utilize for risk management, storytelling, and to help our portfolio companies thrive.”
– Beyond Capital

“We see so many tools for impact data measurement and dashboards, but what is unique about Proof of Impact is that they validate the data from the ground up and are working towards showing this impact data in units of economic that investors are increasingly looking for.”
– The GIIN

"“Businesses must have a apurpose, and they have to take a stand – they have to adapt to changing consumer, investor, and employee attitudes toards climate change, take a stand on social justice issues, on diversity in corporate America, and a whole host of other issues – or face the consequences.”
– Elevated Economics

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