Just Climate Investing: Pathways to Sustainable Value Creation

Tuesday, November 23 at 11 AM ET


Climate change is accelerating current global socioeconomic disparities. The 50 least developed countries of the world account for less than 1% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, the Climate Change Vulnerability Index shows that these same lower-income regions fall into the ‘Extreme Risk’ category for being hardest hit by climate change. Even within the wealthiest countries, low-income communities, people of color, indigenous people, older adults, and women are most susceptible to the risks of climate change. These disparities have prompted public and private leaders worldwide to begin taking action to promote climate justice and inclusive energy transitions as co-equal, integrated priorities. This webinar, hosted by Proof of Impact, will provide clean energy investors and portfolio companies with strategic guidance on integrating their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives and measurement approaches, on an equal basis with their business and investment strategies. The speakers will highlight why investing in a Just Transition is a substantial long term investment opportunity, how sustainable and inclusive business improvements can generate positive financial outcomes, and how to build an equitable clean energy strategy. The webinar will conclude with audience Q&A.


Elizabeth Littlefield

Senior Counselor at Albright Stonebridge Group, Former CEO at US Development Finance Corporation (OPIC)

Laurie Spengler

CEO at Courageous Capital, former CEO at Enclude (now a Palladium company)

Laura Di Bonaventura

Principal of Sustainable Investing, MUUS Asset 
Management Co.

Martina Macpherson

Head of ESG Strategy and GMC Member, ODDO BHF Asset Management

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Tuesday, November 23 at 11 AM ET

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