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Showcase the social and environmental impact of your real estate assets 

Tools for Active Portfolio Management

Global Emissions are rising by 2.7% annually (source), pressuring organizations to prioritize decarbonization efforts to avoid irreparable damage to the planet. Governments, investors, & corporates are increasingly focused on the social & environmental footprint of the real estate market, resulting in a plethora of global ESG benchmarks and reporting frameworks. As technology costs drop and access to data sets improves, stakeholders will be required to disclose their ESG footprint alongside their financial performance transparently. To enable this, Proof of Impact helps asset owners develop a comprehensive impact strategy, mitigate ESG risks, and showcase their validated performance.

Why real estate asset owners and managers leverage the Proof of Impact platform:

Integration of data sources that eliminate manual, time-consuming data workflows

Attracting new investors & improve engagements with current investors through data-driven showcasing of your validated performance

Identify areas of material risk and create an efficient risk mitigation process

Differentiate your brand through data-driven messaging of impact performance for greater confidence in mitigating ESG risks and maximizing your positive contribution to the planet and its inhabitants

Showcase the social & environmental impact of your real estate assets

There is no doubt that the global real estate market is aware that ESG principles are key for sustainable investments… In order to achieve this, real estate investors should ensure that the fund management is aligned with their intended positive social impact.



POI helps build a scalable foundation of social & environmental metrics, set baselines, and targets, and align to global industry standards like TCFD, GRI, and GRESB.