Product – Proof of Impact
  • Deborah Calmeyer, CEO
    The POI platform is revolutionizing the way people fund and experience impact by connecting the people who are making a difference on the ground with the people (our travelers) who want to be part of the solution.
    Deborah Calmeyer, CEO
    ROAR Africa
  • Beyond Capital
    Proof of Impact stood out as a leader in the field willing to connect data to metrics that we could utilize for risk management, story telling, and to help our portfolio companies thrive in the complex systems of emerging market, last-mile investing.
  • Harvard Business Review, September 2020
    The era of impact transparency has begun, and it is moving the goal posts for businesses and investors. Technology and Big Data have combined with longstanding efforts by many individuals and organizations to make the measurement and valuation of corporate impact a reality. With the arrival of impact transparency, impact and profit set the new rules of the game.
  • Jagdeep Gambhir Founder & CEO
    Karma Primary Healthcare is a social impact enterprise and it is very important for us to track and measure our impact. Impact reporting guides us to ensure that we are on the right track, and make informed decisions. Proof of Impacts IMM solution has helped us keep track of our strengths and weaknesses, which helps us build our future expansion strategies

Impact-as-a-Service Offerings

A full-service technology platform to maximize value from your sustainability.

Digital Assessment

A streamlined service and digital assessment to create and deploy your impact strategy.

  • Quickly align your business with globally recognized standards, UN Sustainable Development Goals, IMP and IRIS+.
  • Create a plan to measure impact as you scale your business
  • Set a strategy to drive impact-linked business decisions and financial outcomes

Impact Dashboard

Full-service digital impact measurement & reporting platform

  • End-to-end solution to collect, verify & analyze impact data using the newest technologies.
  • Streamlined digital data collection towards meaningful impact metrics
  • Drive meaningful analysis to correlate business KPIs to impact outcomes

Impact Catalyst Cloud

Cloud-based tools & APIs to power the purpose economy.

  • Advanced, scalable cloud architecture with API solutions for impact tracking, verification & investment.
  • Easily deploy technology solutions to measure and optimize your investments in sustainability
  • Unlock the business potential of purposeful decision

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