Private Equity

We empower firms to leverage ESG and Impact Data to drive transformational impact alongside financial returns

Tools for Active Portfolio Management

The next generation of Private Equity and VC portfolio managers are looking to optimize for the new efficient frontier, adding ESG & impact to the traditional risk-return spectrum. To enable this, Proof of Impact helps managers set up direct data integrations with portfolio companies to streamline and monitor impact performance using verified data.

With this verified data, managers can analyze rich visualization that provide insights into company operations, identify risks, and create value for the portfolio company.

Effective Impact Data Reporting for Investment Fund Managers

Peace of Mind from algorithmically cleaned and verified data direct from the company

Meaningful Actions through access to advanced time series & comparative analytics to help your portfolio thrive

Transparency in real-time, at the speed and trust required for decision-making

Efficiency in streamlining your reporting process, minimizing time spent on manual processes

Next generation investors are using Impact Data Intelligence

Proof of Impact stood out as a leader in the field willing to connect data to metrics that we could utilize for risk management, storytelling and to help our portfolio companies thrive.

Eva Helen Yazhari
Beyond Capital

Dive deeper into the power of Impact Data for global private equity and venture capital firms

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