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Insights™ automates your ESG and Impact data reporting experience by automatically connecting disparate data sources. Stream advanced analytics in real-time to proactively manage ESG risk, promote transparency, and act on data learnings.

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The Proof of Impact Insights™ platform is customized to each organization’s specific needs. On the front end are a series of applications to derive intelligence and draw conclusions and correlations to enable dynamic ESG and impact reporting. Proof of Impact employs APIs that allow the platform to normalize, verify, and analyze missions of data points on the backend.

Managing ESG and impact data is complex, and organizations have minimal resources or tools to transform this data into meaningful value. Using Insights, you can easily define an ESG strategy, select relevant metrics, and create a digital action plan for your ESG journey.
Organizational outperformance requires mining unstructured and disjointed data and transforming it into meaningful impact data and metrics. Insights™ taps into 120+ data integrations to seamlessly transform business data into structured datasets and correlating dynamic visualizations.
It is vital to share your impact contributions with your stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees. Through a dynamic impact storytelling dashboard, you will be able to build a deep understanding with your constituents in a way that will lead to better investor relations, a more productive workforce, and a more resilient brand.

Streamlined ESG and Impact Data Intelligence

Insights™ Enables the Real-Time Collection, Visualization, and Analysis of ESG & Impact Data​

1. Define where you’re at in your Impact journey

The digital assessment provides clients with the resources needed to define & articulate their organization’s impact goals. Clients can set their strategy and build a clear implementation plan that helps them remain compliant against universal standards and frameworks.

2. Integrate your digital systems

The Data Management Portal allows clients to securely integrate their data from 120+ databases to enable real-time analysis. Detect inconsistencies and uncover new insights by aggregating disjointed data sources supported by access control, ML/AI-driven PII detection, and data loss prevention best practices.

3. Draw deeper, more granular insights from your data

Once ESG and impact data have been transformed, normalized, and verified, clients can draw powerful insights and visualize their impact. Advanced analytical tools help you slice your data to see rich charts, uncover trends, and draw correlations and conclusions. The Proof of Impact platform helps organizations analyze performance trends for each impact KPI, allowing for continual performance improvements.

4. Data-driven storytelling

The Digital Dashboard provides the interface you need to showcase your impact performance. Set benchmarks, baselines, and targets, and dynamically visualize impact data to accelerate the understanding of your positive impact performance. Showcase your performance data aside over 120+ publicly available data sets to contextualize your performance.

Notable Customers

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“Proof of Impact stood out as a leader in the field willing to connect data to metrics that we could utilize for risk management, storytelling, and to help our portfolio companies thrive.”

Eva Helen Yazhari
Founder & General Partner
Beyond Capital

“POI helps us understand how far we still are from achieving our goals, but also encourage the company to reach them… [POI has] helped us develop clear objectives through the dashboard and its KPIs.”

Carlos Torres

“We have the opportunity to better understand this social impact and make an even bigger difference Like everything, what gets measured is what gets done.”

Tom Dretler

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