Our platform makes ESG & impact measurement accessible by translating the
leading frameworks into a simplE, all-in-one solution.

our methodology

Our bottom-up approach to ESG and impact measurement is designed to help clients define strategic objectives, collect ground-level data, and continuously track real-time performance trends. Our system validates and verifies individual raw data points, and augments existing datasets with contextual data for higher fidelity and more informed ongoing performance management. This data provides the foundation for meaningful business decisions that increase impact outcomes and financial performance.

Our Implementation Process

Step 1: Define Your ESG & Impact Strategy

POI helps clients evaluate their ESG and impact objectives, performance management approach, and operational impact against a standard set of best practices and industry frameworks, including SASB, GRI, and IRIS, among others.

Step 2: Determine Core Focus Areas

Your company can’t -- and shouldn’t -- focus on everything at once. POI licenses and applies the SASB Standards, and leverages the leading catalog of IRIS metrics, to help identify which issue areas your business should prioritize first.

Step 3: Integrate Your Data Sources

POI’s Catalyst™ Data Management Portal allows clients to sync their data systems and stream data directly into a live performance dashboard. The system already supports over 120 integration options including the most widely used CRMs, ERPs, HR, payroll, survey, and business management software.

Step 4: Validate & Verify Your Results

POI’s Catalyst™ system will ensure your data is clean, structured, and validated for greater confidence in the results. We create automated data pipelines for every dataset that pull from a proprietary catalogue of over 300 validation and verification checks for the highest quality assurance.

step 5: Visualize & Analyze Your Data

Figuring out how to analyze and interpret data results can be tricky. This is why we have built the best practices from the Impact Management Project (IMP) and SDG Impact Standards directly into the product. Clients can view the results longitudinally, cross-sectionally, and relative to industry benchmarks and targets, to help identify successes and improvement opportunities.

step 6: Optimize & Improve Your Business

You can develop actions plans and communicate your ESG and impact optimization strategies on a digital dashboard. Data can be exported in individual graphics or full reports for sharing with investors, customers, and stakeholders. Our dedicated Customer Success team will be there to provide guidance, tips, and support as you improve both the world and your financial bottom line.

Our Framework Alignment

Proof of Impact builds data pipelines from clients’ existing systems and automates
alignment to the best practice industry frameworks.

Business type

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Learn about using digital solutions to navigate your ESG or Impact journey

Book a Demo With Proof of Impact

Learn about using digital solutions to navigate your ESG or Impact journey