Transform Impact Data into Financial Value

Differentiate Yourself Through Dynamic Impact Measurement and Management

The Digital Impact platform is a solution for organizations looking to differentiate themselves in the market by prioritizing social and environmental returns. Industry leaders recognize there is hidden value in their impact data, which can be uncovered through data analytics. Organizations that use this data to build sustainable practices into their business model will build a deeper connection between their brand, mission, and stakeholders.

Proof of Impact provides the tools that enable organizations to draw correlations between impact returns and financial returns so that clients can align purpose and profit.

how does it work?

Set your Impact Goals

To remain relevant, organizations must drastically shift their business practices towards sustainability. The Digital Impact platform helps you move forward confidently by streamlining the way you set your impact strategy and provides a suite of tools to leverage impact data so that you can execute and outperform.

Integrate your Data

Impact outperformance requires mining unstructured and disjointed data and transforming it into meaningful impact data and metrics. Digital Impact enables clients to tap into 120+ data integrations so that they securely aggregate data sets and begin their journey to gain real-time transparency into their practices.

Receive Rich Insights

Once impact data has been transformed, normalized, and verified, clients can draw powerful insights and visualize their impact. The Proof of Impact platform helps organizations set benchmarks and frameworks to work towards impact KPIs and targets with the overarching goal to continually improve their performance.

Showcase Your Impact

It is vital to share your impact contributions with your stakeholders, including your investors, customers, and even employees. Through a dynamic impact storytelling dashboard, you will be able to build deep understanding with your constituents in a way that will lead to better investor relations, a more productive workforce, and a more resilient brand.

Maximize Your Impact Performance

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