Transform Impact Data into Financial Value


The Digital Impact platform can be tailored to help organizations share their impact story by harnessing any one of Proof of Impact’s core technology pillars. The front-end features such as the Impact Strategy or Impact Insights dashboard allow clients to draw deep insights along their impact journey.

Proof of Impact normalizes, verifies, and analyzes your impact data so that you can swiftly and confidently make more impactful decisions for your organization.

Set Your Impact Baseline

The Digital Assessment helps clients lay out the foundation of their impact journey and set their impact metrics based on universal principles and frameworks. It is the first step to articulating your impact story and a roadmap to utilize your impact data as a powerful asset.

Impact Strategy Report
Showcase Your Impact Strategy

The Impact Strategy report helps consolidate your impact goals in one document that showcases your commitment to building a sustainable business model. It can be shared internally and externally to keep your mission top-of-mind and drive continued action in your operations.

Data Management Portal
Automatically Aggregate Disjointed Data

The Data Management Portal allows clients to securely integrate their data from 120+ databases to enable real-time analysis. Gain clarity on your impact data and uncover new insights by aggregating disjointed data sources supported by access control, ML-AI-driven PII detection, and data loss prevention best practices.

Impact Dashboard
Data-Driven Impact storytelling

The Impact Dashboard is an interface to analyze your impact contributions and measure them against KPIs and benchmarks. Clients can dynamically visualize their impact data and map precisely where their contributions make a positive difference in the world. Advanced analytical tools help you slice your data to see rich charts uncover trends, and draw correlations and conclusions. Use the impact dashboard to differentiate yourself in the market and share your story with the world.

The Digital Impact Platform has quick and easy solutions to kickstart your Impact Journey.

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