Impact Associate – Proof of Impact

Impact Associate

Date: March 1, 2021

The Position

We are looking for an innovative, strategic, and impact-driven Impact Associate.

Why join us? 

Our mission at Proof of Impact is to develop the technological innovations needed to make investing in impact transparent, verifiable, and profitable.

Proof of Impact believes that attempting to converge upon a universally accepted measurement standard may be a “a journey up a blind alley” and what we actually need to unlock the ability to make more holistic decision making (with impact as a pillar) is better data. With a data first approach, investment capital can be secured, non-financial factors can be analyzed alongside financial ones, and then any type of impact measurement and management tools or frameworks can be applied based on the unique needs of each organization.

Founded in 2019, we have brought together a global team of experts in impact measurement, impact investing and technology solutions to deliver an end-to-end solution that will change the way investors will make investment decisions for good.

The position

POI is looking to partner with a dynamic leader to build the next generation of impact measurement and management (IMM) technology tools. We are looking for an innovative, strategic, and impact-driven individual who will lead the end-to-end onboarding of our impact investor and enterprise clients onto the POI platform, while continually identifying areas for automation with our product and development teams.

Your role in creating a better world

You will execute the following specific tasks with creativity, precision, and attention to detail:

  • Direct all client and project management, including leading in planning and executing client kickoff meetings and providing highly responsive client support. Prior customer success experience with a technology company is a plus.

  • Guide clients through impact measure and management (IMM) capacity assessments (and reassessments), and provide input on improvements to methodology, content, and scoring.

  • Continuously identify strategies to automate or more efficiently deliver impact strategy reports from assessments to help clients measure, manage, and create higher impact products/services.

  • Leverage existing frameworks and metric catalogues (e.g., SDGs, SDG Impact Standards, IMP, IRIS+), as well as existing POI metrics, to develop recommended metric sets for each client.

  • Advise clients on methods for sharing data through direct integrations with the POI systems for ongoing data flow, in collaboration with the POI product and development teams.

  • Conduct preliminary data review to conceptually create new metrics that provide clients with actionable insights (i.e., using the impact data to drive business decisions), and which can be added to the core client metric set.

  • Clean, structure, and validate raw data from clients into standard POI data schemas to prepare data for POI’s data lead to conduct advanced analytics and visualization. Prior experience with Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) tools is a plus.

  • Coordinate directly with POI’s data lead to properly populate dashboard product, conduct final dashboard data quality assurance and content review, and coordinate delivery to client.

  • Gather customer feedback, actively pursue/propose/develop a system of generating opportunities for upselling, and systematically provide the customer perspective to the product and development teams to continually improve and adapt the POI product.

  • Bring and apply subject matter experience in impact investing, IMM frameworks, and joint financial/impact performance tracking. Renewable energy impact measurement experience is a plus.

Why you’ll love it 

  • You will have the ability to enact a clear and measurable positive change in the world by supporting and proliferating impact- and data-driven decision making globally.
  • You will operate on the world-stage. We are partnered with major players in the impact space, where together we are championing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • You will have autonomy and creative freedom to utilize your expertise and grow your career.
  • 100% remote. There is no commute. We operate in a highly collaborative and flexible remote work environment.
  • You will take a lead role in building a highly effective, collaborative, inclusive, and impact-oriented company culture.

The opportunity

As part of the position, you will have the opportunity to

  • Innovate on cutting edge Impact Tech that will make measurable progress towards the world’s toughest health, environmental, and social problems.

  • Participate alongside a global team of passionate changemakers.

  • Work with a fast-paced Silicon Valley venture-backed startup.

  • Build cross-functional technical and product skills and experience.

The Impact Associate reports directly to the Chief Impact Officer.

How to apply

Please send your CV and a cover letter to

Contact us.