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 Showcase the ESG Performance of Your Investments

Tools To Identify ESG Risks

Achieving social and environmental impact and positive investment returns are no longer mutually exclusive. A 2018 Morgan Stanley survey found that 84% of asset owners are pursuing or actively considering integrating ESG into their investment process. Asset managers are now challenged to identify relevant ESG metrics, collect performance data, and report on the performance of their portfolio to their stakeholders. Proof of Impact is uniquely positioned to support asset managers in building an efficient end-to-end process to collect, verify, and analyze their ESG performance.

Why Asset Managers Leverage the
Proof of Impact Platform:

Streamline the investment screening and portfolio construction processes and quickly identify future investments that are aligned with the fund’s ESG goals.

Monitor ongoing ESG performance and mitigate material risks of the portfolio.

Increase transparency to avoid greenwashing and prove efficacy of integrating ESG in each stage of the investment lifecycle.

Identify ESG opportunities that can drive financial outperformance and attract ESG conscious investors.

Investors are demanding asset managers integrate ESG into their investment strategies

“Sophisticated LPs are now asking tougher questions about a firm’s ESG efforts,” he explained. “For GPs, it’s no longer enough to just say, ‘Oh, we have an ESG policy.’ This sentiment was echoed in PitchBook’s Sustainable Investment Survey last year, in which nearly a third of respondents, including GPs and LPs, said the biggest challenge in sustainable investing is that it’s unclear how to define and measure impact outcomes.”



Proof of Impact can help Asset Managers identify ESG risks and opportunities and help them create actionable insights that will bring both financial and ESG successes in the future.