The Digital ESG Platform can be configured to an organization’s specific needs, utilizing any of Proof of Impact’s robust technology pillars. On the front-end are a series of applications to derive insights and draw conclusions and correlations to enable dynamic ESG reporting. On the back-end, POI employs APIs that allow the platform to normalize, verify, and analyze millions of data points.

esg assessment
Set your ESG Baseline

The Digital Assessment is an online tool that helps clients start their ESG measurement journey. Clients can set their ESG strategy and build a clear implementation plan that helps them remain compliant against universal standards and frameworks.

esg policy
Confidence in your ESG Strategy

The ESG Policy removes ambiguity and helps drive confidence in cementing your ESG path. It can act as an internal source of truth towards clear, definitive ESG goals as well as an asset to share with external stakeholders to ensure collective alignment and corresponding action.

data management portal
Automatically Aggregate Disjointed Data

The Data Management Portal allows clients to securely integrate their data from 120+ databases to enable real-time analysis. Detect anomalies and uncover new insights by aggregating disjointed data sources supported by access control, ML-AI-driven PII detection, and data loss prevention best practices.

risk management dashboard
Quickly Uncover ESG Risk

The Risk Management Dashboard provides the interface you need to identify and actively mitigate your operational risks. Set custom thresholds, risk targets, and dynamically visualize ESG data to accelerate the speed of risk detection within your organization. Advanced analytical tools help you slice your data to see rich charts that uncover trends and draw correlations and conclusions.

The Digital ESG Platform has quick and easy solutions to kickstart your ESG Journey.

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