streamlined esg risk management using data-driven insights.



Digital ESG incorporates industry best practices and frameworks that are universally recognized, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI), Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI), and IRIS Metric Catalog. Rules and regulations around ESG are ever-evolving. Expertly navigate away from the confusion and complexity and incorporate only the metrics and standards that are materially meaningful to our business. With digitized ESG frameworks, you can flexibly keep up with evolving regulations and industry best practices.



Transforming raw operational data into business intelligence has proven to be a multi-trillion dollar business. The next wave of business intelligence is ESG intelligence, predicated on extracting more profound value and insights from raw operational data so that organizations can take actions quicker and more effectively.



When a company is at peak performance, it offers the highest expected return given a defined level of risk. Optimizing this risk-return trade-off is called the efficient frontier. Currently, organizations are miscalculating this trade-off because they cannot see or measure ESG risk in their business. Until now, quantifying ESG risk and taking actions to mitigate that risk has been manual and complex. The Digital ESG platform was built to help clients expertly manage their risk and maximize their risk-adjusted returns to achieve their optimal, efficient frontier.



Global Markets are changing. It is becoming indisputable that organizations have a corporate responsibility to tailor their decisions with ESG in mind. Access to reliable ESG Data can inform these decisions. Regardless of where you are in the journey, Proof of Impact provides clients with the foundation and tools to seamlessly build in ESG so that you can continue to grow your business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.



Proof of Impact believes that static, one-time ESG solutions are ineffective. Many ESG solutions lack transparency in their ESG methodology because there is no direct operational link to the data. Without transparency at the data level, it becomes impossible for organizations to manage their ESG risks, carry out ESG policies or continually track their progress. The Digital ESG Platform strives to fix these inefficiencies, building transparency and trust in your data.


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