Education is undergoing a digital revolution 

Effective Impact Data Reporting for Education Organizations

The landscape of education is undergoing dramatic changes. COVID-19 has disrupted the Education Technology sector, accelerating the industry’s growth, and reimagining the role of technology. New business models are proliferating, impacting early childhood to K12 to higher education to support students, parents, teachers, and administrators. With this new disruptive wave of EdTech solutions, millions of students and teachers worldwide can now leverage innovative learning platforms to improve educational outcomes.

Forward-looking educational organizations can find expect the following value propositions

Optimize Learner Outcomes

Improved ESG Performance

Drive Innovation and Growth

Empower Entrepreneurs & Investors

Purpose-driven organizations use Proof of Impact to unlock insights to improved learner outcomes

We have the opportunity to better understand this social impact and make an even bigger difference. Like everything, what gets measured is what gets done. This is why we’ve brought in Proof of Impact to help us collect, verify, and analyze our real-time impact data so all of us can have, at our fingertips, a greater sense of the difference we’re making in the world, and the tools we need to create an even bigger impact.

Tom Dretler
Shorelight CEO

The $7 trillion global education market is turning to technology to support new forms of learning and education.