Clean Energy

Empowering innovation for climate technology

Tools for Measuring Clean Energy Outcomes

The Clean Energy Transition is the most prominent growing investment topic among companies and asset managers. Renewable energy costs have fallen 90% in 10 years. A 2019 report from the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute found that using renewable energy resources like solar, wind, and geothermal is cheaper than building new natural gas plants. Organizations must showcase their efforts to meet financial and climate objectives. Without access to this data, companies and fund managers are left with complex, convoluted, and expensive energy calculations that lack much-needed context and relevance to their business.

Proof of Impact empowers organizations to measure their positive climate performance.

We support organizations whose innovations achieve climate solutions through:

Managing risks & protecting brand identity by algorithmically cleaning and verifying data direct from the company

Driving innovation & growth through access to advanced time series & analytics to help your organization thrive

Visibility and Transparency in real-time, at the speed and trust required for decision-making

Efficiency in streamlining your reporting process, minimizing time spent on manual processes

Purpose-driven organizations use Proof of Impact to unlock insights into the clean energy transition

The proper quantification and monetization of impact-related market externalities, which might sound like a world salad to many people, is actually one of the most important things we can do to make the world a better place. It will foster improved capital allocation and drive innovation, and it starts with data.

Ruben Walker
African Clean Energy CEO


The rapid development of clean energy products and services is essential to transition our planet to curb our climate crisis.