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Our mission at Proof of Impact is to develop the technological innovations needed to make investing in impact transparent, verifiable, and profitable.

Proof of Impact believes that attempting to converge upon a universally accepted measurement standard may be a “a journey up a blind alley” and what we actually need to unlock the ability to make more holistic decision making (with impact as a pillar) is better data. With a data first approach, investment capital can be secured, non-financial factors can be analyzed alongside financial ones, and then any type of impact measurement and management tools or frameworks can be applied based on the unique needs of each organization.

Founded in 2019, we have brought together a global team of experts in impact measurement, impact investing and technology solutions to deliver an end-to-end solution that will change the way investors will make investment decisions for good.

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The Proof of Impact Team:

Utilizing collaborative work processes, we determine which metrics to track, provide tools for straightforward data collection, and the ability to inform your stakeholders and investors. Our team of experts will guide you through a framework to help identify, verify, track and visualize your impact to drive powerful change.

Fleur Heyns


Kevin Pettit

Chief Product Officer

Derek Barrera

Chief Technology Officer

Evan Vahouny

Chief Impact Officer

Namer Medina

Data Science & Automation

Shannon Boselli

Sales & Partnerships Manager

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