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Baseline™ offers a powerful software solution to support your team in building an impact or ESG strategy, define relevant KPIs, and map to industry standards.
Eliminate manual spreadsheet reporting and chasing email threads. Automatically deploy a customizable impact data collection and reporting tool.
Create a baseline of current Impact performance, and build ongoing visibility that drives financial and impact outperformance.

Embark On Your ESG and Impact Journey

Baseline™ helps enterprises and investors quickly setup an ESG reporting framework that their stakeholders can rally around

1. Define where you’re at in your Impact journey

The onboarding assessment supports clients in building their ESG & Impact foundation, including setting metrics based on universal principles and frameworks including SASB, IRIS+, SDGs, IMP, and many others. It’s the first step to articulating your story and developing a roadmap to utilize your data as a powerful asset to drive bottom-up transformation.

2. Showcase your ESG Strategy & Goals

The Impact Strategy Report helps consolidate your ESG and Impact goals into one document that showcases your commitment to building a sustainable business model. Reports can be shared with internal and external stakeholders to ground your organization’s Impact strategy and drive continued actions to improving overall performance.

3. Self-report critical metrics with user-friendly tools

Easily report your ESG and Impact performance data on a quarterly basis, with an automated feed into a custom Digital Dashboard. All data submissions are stored safely and securely on our platform architecture, and remove the ongoing friction of disjointed spreadsheets, email threads, and other disparate files.

4. Visualize your data; analyze your performance

Our Digital Dashboard is a powerful resource for ongoing investor relations, marketing, and public relations. It guides teams in an understanding what actions can mitigate ESG risks and maximize their positive impact performance. Showcase your analytics, add qualitative context, set key targets, and rally your stakeholders to improve ESG and Impact performance.

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